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Modern vehicles generate more data, for instance, through a greater number of sensors and processors attached to their CAN bus. These vast amounts of data hold insights that can accelerate your development cycle and save resources. However insight generation from these vast amounts of data is hindered by manual data management and analysis. Artificial intelligence can help manage and analyse your CAN bus data to leverage their full potential – this optimises your test bed resources and accelerates your development cycle

Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance Services allows manufacturers to lower maintenance costs, extend equipment life, reduce downtime and improve production quality by addressing problems before they cause equipment failures. More high-quality data we can feed into the predictive model the better its accuracy

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence offers a comprehensive view of how cities are evolving as smart ecosystems through the convergence of technologies incorporating machine learning and neural network capabilities, geospatial intelligence, data analytics & visualization, sensors, and smart connected objects to name a few. These recent advances in AI move us closer to developing operating systems that simulate human, machine, and environmental patterns from transportation infrastructure to communication networks

Our Services

Data collection

  • Set-up and configuration of measurement equipment through multilayer Data Logger communication protocol
  • Test drives in your desired scenarios and conditions
  • Execution of test cases / test programs
  • Storage and management of test data

Automatic Error Detection

  • Implementation of Machine Learning Models
  • Automated error detection in high-dimensional data through modern anomaly detection
  • Complex error images, hidden data patterns and cascade errors can be identified
  • Scalable solution for a single Software release, function, system or product
  • Directly analysis of CAN-data measurement or data import

Data Visualization

  • Interactive analysis and visualization of test data
  • Intuitive assessment of the testing performance
  • Easy and needs-based use of our software solution in conjunction with the Data Lake through
  • Hosting in the cloud or directly in the measured data pool (Software-as-a-Service)

Our Technology



In order to increase productive testbed usage, AIONE Solutions improve the efficiency and quality during the test operation for locally and globally networked test facilities. One of the major challenges dealing with data management in automotive CAN BUS testing is the massive increase of data from different testing domains: More data is produced in less time. On the other hand, cost efficient development and manufacturing require increasing productivity of the test field

Data Mining


Understanding data leads to up-to-date business decisions, better-quality processes, better class and improved customer satisfaction. If your organization has huge amounts of raw data, but not sufficient technical know-how to mine valuable information from it, our Data Mining services can help. Our qualified and experienced Machine Learning Consulting team can help you manage and extract relevant information from dataset of any size and any industry in a timely and cost-effective manner



Using Predictive Analytics to foresee problems in vehicle parts could be the most intelligent use case of Big Data for the automotive industry to prompt timely actions and make sure better vehicle health. A logical prognosis also pre-empts any problem with the automobile and service schedules are opportune and automated. Most Auto OEM’s are giving a start to provide SaaS models where better solutions they are charging consumers with data collected

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