About us 

Our Vision

We are convinced that things can be  done different.

We help you to improve the quality and reliability of your product in a smarter way uncovering your hidden saving

Our Motto is: Less Kilometers through more analysis

Our Impact

Our service ranges from preparing your product to collect test data, conducting intelligent and automatic detection of failures through advanced statistical algorithms,  or converting your test data into an high-added actionable value with visibility and a detailed understanding

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It all started when two engineers working in automotive crossed ideas with a data scientist. They quickly realized that the current processes of the industry were not being benefited from the most advanced techniques in matter of data science

Our Leadership Team

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Our Locations

Málaga is considered as "Malaga Valley" for his innovative ecosystem on the southern coast of Spain.

The most notable aspects are the Andalucian Technological Park (PTA), the University of Malaga (UMA), several Smart City pilot projects, the investment in high-speed rail research & development, the Club Malaga Valley and the support structure for entrepreneurs 

Berlin has a fast-growing startup scene and a successful infrastructure for financing and funding.


With numerous incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces, the city provides optimal conditions for entrepreneurs from around the world. Berlin is internationally recognized as a startup hub and as a breeding ground for creative people who want to change the world

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